Maroon Five


Why do I why do I why do I keep holding it?

Just because it’s in my head don’t make it real

Tryna find, tryna find something to get over it

Cuz what I know can’t change the way I feel

Pre-Chorus 1:

Radio’s silent, my memories turned up so high 

And it’s been so long since you’ve been in my passenger side


But I can still hear the maroon 5 playin 

See your right hand swayin 

out the window

Closing your eyes

Takes me back to watching white lines blurring 

Laughin while you’re slurring 

Messing up the words every time 

Verse 2:

Another night, ‘nother bar, ‘nother drink another one

I don’t wonder where you’re at or how you’ve been

Then a new song hits every time I think I’m done

And this love is takin hold of me again

Pre-Chorus 2:

And I know the way back, but I know that it leads me nowhere

Even though the collateral damage ain’t worth the repairs



Maroon 5 playin

Your right hand swayin

White lines blurring

I wish I never heard it 





Verse 1:

I bet that’s you calling

Maybe I’ll pretend I’m sleeping

I know that you’re dying hoping I’ll pick up my phone

I was too busy falling

To notice the company you’re keeping

I'm only your number 1 at 2 when you’re alone

Pre-Chorus 1:

So insecure

But you’re so self-assured

That I’m up waiting for

Your text, your call, your knocking at my door


You got into my head, under my skin, and made me lose it

You hit me up again like “how you been?” but I ain’t stupid

So go ahead and message me that “I need you” shit

“You up, you out, you down, you drunk, babe what you doing”


Now that I know what you do

Don’t wanna be what you’re doing 

Verse 2:

You’re the life of the party

Don’t think that I can’t see

Whenever you’re leaving early takin’ someone home

You pretend that you want me

Got me hanging by your strings

Now I know you don’t want me, you just want control

Pre-Chorus 2:

So innocent 

So damn decadent 

Like my time is spent

Waiting on you knocking at my door




You up? you out? You down? You drunk?

You home? I’m bored. Let’s have some fun 

You up? You out? 

You down to -----?

You home? I’m bored. Let's have some fun